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Mindset Mastery

Do You Know Why Your Beliefs Are The Key to Success?

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World

Do you desire success, but feel like you aren’t getting there?

Are you sick of living a mediocre life?

Are you failing at something important but don’t know why?

If so, then congratulations for taking some action to move a step closer to success by seeking knowledge!

Looking to solve a problem is a noble endeavor, and worthy of praise. It is when you hide your feelings of failure or shame from yourself and pretend everything is going well that is really tragic.

If you are feeling like a failure, feeling shame from some unwanted outcome, that is because of the thoughts you are having about that situation. And most of the time, your thoughts come from your beliefs about yourself, life and other people.

Most of the time people form their beliefs about themselves, life and other people through unconscious childhood experiences.

These early experience set up a “lens” for viewing life.

The brains of children are very open systems. They are taking in feedback from their surroundings as they explore the world. They decide what is safe and what is dangerous. This sets up massive barriers to exploring beyond the mental barriers that are set up to protect us from what we perceive as dangerous.

For example, let’s say a child falls off a jungle gym at the playground. He gets a painful bump. His brain may make up all kinds of beliefs related to this painful experience. The child could develop a fear of heights, or playgrounds, or even experience terror just seeing a jungle gym. The child could decide he can’t climb things, or he is stupid, or clumsy, or inept. The child might not get the compassionate support he wanted from caregivers or other children nearby. Maybe he was laughed at. So the child decides, “Other people don’t care about me.”

So as these beliefs begin to lodge in the neural pathways of this brain, they tend to get reinforced by other painful experiences.

So one fall from a jungle gym at age 4 can be the seed experiences that grows into a fearful adult who won’t climb things, fears rejection from other people, and has a deep mistrust of life.

“The combination of the Main brain with its central nervous system, and the ancient Animal Brain with its somatic, enteric nervous system in the inner body — in the gut — and the constant dialog between them provides a self-correcting feedback system, which regulates the behavioral qualities of the organism when consciously cultivated — preferably in early youth.” — Martha Char Love

If I have made the case well, it should now be clear to you that what you believe about yourself, life and other people plays a major role in whatever amount of success you do or don’t create for yourself in life.

Like blinders on a horse, your beliefs are filter out opportunities and possibilities based on your mind’s assessment of what is safe, what is possible for you, and what you want to experience.

What you believe determines every aspect of your daily experience of life. You are living through these belief filters in every moment. A $100 bill might be laying on the sidewalk in front of you, and yet you may not see it. If your brain is focused on all the dangers surrounding you, or on making yourself wrong for past mistakes, you simply won’t see what is right in front of you, not even a $100 bill.Beliefs also deeply impact your perceptions of options when you come to choice points in your life. If your mental framework is all about protecting yourself from danger, then opportunities which contain a little risk will either be rejected, or go unseen.

You might receive an inspiration about a new product or service. You think about it, and decide there is too much risk, and besides, you would probably just fail anyway.

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers — if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door. — Maria Gibbs

Six months later, you are walking down the street and you see that someone else received the same idea, implemented it, and is now enjoying massive success. See, it wasn’t the idea that wasn’t safe. It was your beliefs about yourself, life, other people, and the idea itself that ruined your opportunity.

Depending on your beliefs the wisdom here will either be embraced as the best news you ever heard, or rejected because it is just too challenging to take on.

If you are failing in some important area of your life you must take the time to assess your beliefs about yourself, life and other people in relation to that area.

Then you have to have the audacity to believe that you can change those beliefs, and set about consistently changing those restrictive thoughts to empowered thoughts of opportunity and success.

Empowerment comes from taking responsibility to be the person you want to be.

Victimization leads to horrible experiences with life that only serve to reinforce your belief that the world isn’t safe, that life is against you, and that other people either don’t care, or are against you too.

When you change your beliefs you change the way you see the world. When new options and possibilities show up, say “yes” to them. New actions will undoubtedly engender new results.

One of the most dangerous beliefs to entertain is that it is dangerous to fail. Failure is part of every success story you will ever hear. To avoid failing is to automatically avoid success. Read more about this here:

Embrace the experience of failure and you will be on the road to success at last.

Now your life has changed, and you didn’t have to change anyone else to make that happen!

Your whole strategy for changing the world to go your way so that you can be happy is now on the garbage heap.

You see that the one thing you can change, yourself, is changeable. That’s encouraging, isn’t it?

You already have the power you need to create success: the power to change your beliefs!

Hopefully that is the best news you have had today!

Use it to your full advantage!

Your Beliefs Are What Creates Your Success in Life