We will Have an Interview through online live interviews, targeted research and unparalleled writing talents. We create a compelling narrative to tell your story as it has never been told: completely, precisely, perfectly. We gather from you any photos, documents, and other materials you want used in creating your book.
  1. Questionnaire
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Our questionnaires are designed to jog your memory and provide a structure for your interviews. They’re easy, fun, and bring back memories you haven’t thought about in years or even decades!
We Write Your Book
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As your story emerges from your interview session and our comprehensive research by our team, We will begin working on the text of your book. You will have regular opportunities to review and comment on the book as it progresses.
Your Comments
After we review and edit the text, we will send you a draft to comment on. We will make requested changes and finalise the story before it’s professionally proofread.
Cover and Book Design
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While we are working on the text, you can upload photos via our Bookmaker platform, and choose which chapters they’ll appear in. You’ll also be able to select a cover image and customize the appearance of your book.
Print & Delivery!
Once we’ve got all the last details right, our designers will lay out your book’s cover and interior. You will have the opportunity to sign off on the PDF proofs before your book goes to print.
Your beautifully bound, hardcover books will be printed and delivered to your home. From beginning to end the process normally takes six weeks.