Really, this should be number one in growing your blog. The main reason my blog made it onto the final list of the top 10 blogs, and the ONLY reason it was even nominated is because of my readers. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a huge readership. I average about 13,000 views a month right now. I realize that’s nowhere near the big leagues but it’s a whole hell of a lot more than the couple hundred views I had when I started this thing.

And before my blog won the award, it had never seen more than 8000 views a month. But even then, my “little” blog outshone the big names – blogs with hundreds of thousands of views a month. Why? Because my readers are awesome. And I show them that I appreciate them. I genuinely love my readers and have developed friendships, business relationships, and casual connections with many of my readers.

Here’s the thing, if someone takes the time to comment on your blog (or a social media post related to your blog) you had better respond to them. Yes, each and every one of them. Ok, maybe some exceptions, but there are few. Can you imagine going to a business party and ignoring every person that attempted to talk to you or start a conversation with you? That’d be weird, right? So why do it on your blog? This is how your audience is connecting with you. Connect with them!! Even if it’s merely to thank them for their comment. Keep the conversation going or your blog will sink quickly.

These are the reasons that I believe my blog has done well. I know I haven’t given you super specific details, but that’s because I can’t, and I shouldn’t. Your blog is unique to you and your business and your readers. The specific details of my blog (my colors, font choices, conversation tactics, use of emoticons, post topics, and post frequency) won’t work for you. And that’s what’s so great!

Our blogs are as unique as our fingerprints. They separate us from everyone else and define our brands and our businesses. But if you want your blog to be more successful, I recommend you follow the tips above.

No, I can’t promise you’ll create an award winning blog. Heck, I still can’t believe that mine is! But you can create a better blog and if that helps you reach your goals, then we’ve succeeded.


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