Floyd Mayweather




Floyd Mayweather Jnr, one of the most successful professional American boxer, is widely regarded to be one of the best ever of all time. In his boxing career, Mayweather has known astonishing highs and lows. In Greatness in the face of Challenges, we highlighted some of his early life’s biggest challenges and lowest moments – and how he turned those setbacks into new successes. Mayweather knows more than a little about turning defeat into victory. Early in his boxing career, he learned that no deficit is insurmountable. Time and time again, Mayweather has boxed best when his back is up against a wall – the same quality that’s made icons of American athletes from Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan. Packed with exciting secrets of Floyd Mayweather’s Insightful words – Greatness in the face of challenges also includes hard-core life and business nugget on: Always keep your composure, How to be the best you can be etc.


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