Overcome early life’s challenges with resilience, grit, persistence, and passion

Every type of fitness class you can imagine.

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We’ve put together an all-inclusive membership option that cuts through the fluff and gives you exactly what you’ve been wanting – Advice from men and women …all of the Historymakersonly content you LOVE, and no hoops to jump through.

There’s so much information out there these days that it can be hard to keep up. Conflicting tips & tricks, rules that don’t seem to make sense, untested recipes, outdated practices… sifting through everything can be overwhelming and frustrating. Plus, who has time for that?!

Historymakersonly Premium is packed full of Coffee Gift Book , Action Guide, Affirmations and slide deck all specifically designed with our members in mind.


This bundle gives you proven secrets to help you get past whatever’s holding you back from success.

The contents which are in Coffee tablre gift, action guide, affirmation and slide deck will help your clients overcome many types of setbacks, including fears, hopeless siuations, failures, and more.

They’ll discover the fastes way to resolve challenges, how to use creativity when they’re up against a wall, and how to  believe in themselves even when they’re struggling.