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Travel & Events

Harriet Tubman – Guilding The Underground Railroad, Heroine of Freedom

historymakersonly May 15, 2023

“Harriet Tubman: Early Life Challenges & Rules For Success” explores the incredible journey of one of America’s most legendary figures. From her humble beginnings as a slave in Maryland, Harriet Tubman overcame unimaginable hardships to become a symbol of courage and resilience. This concise and powerful book delves into the […]

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Barbara Walters – Defying Expectations, A story of Resilience and Triumph

historymakersonly May 13, 2023

“Barbara Walters: This book unveils the fascinating journey of one of the most influential journalists in modern media. From her upbringing in a modest household to her groundbreaking career, this compelling book traces Barbara Walters’ path to success. It delves into the challenges she faced as a woman in a […]