The Hand of God and the Goal of the Century

The controversy and the genius. The Hand of God and the Goal of the Century. The Argentina maestro called the tune at the 1986 World Cup. Took hold of the competition and willed it in his country’s favour; inspiring his team-mates around him. The standout star of Argentina’s cruise through the group phase. The difference-maker […]

Building Your Mental Toughness #1: Find meaning

Actively working on building your Mental Toughness increases mental health, well-being and performance. In a series of 15 short blogs, I’ll describe 15 elements that make you mentally strong. This is part 1: Find Meaning Find meaning If you find meaning or purpose in what you do, you can overcome any setback or situation. Viktor […]

How To Fully Commit To Goals That Terrify You

How To Fully Commit To Goals That Terrify You Gapingvoid Culture Wall How To Fully Commit To Goals That Terrify You “Nothing can resist a human will that will stake its existence on a purpose.” — Benjamin Disraeli There’s a shift that must happen within. Something clicks-in and your brain and biology can never go back. Ralph Waldo […]

Mindset Mastery

Do You Know Why Your Beliefs Are The Key to Success? Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World Do you desire success, but feel like you aren’t getting there? Are you sick of living a mediocre life? Are you failing at something important but don’t know why? If so, then congratulations for taking some action […]

Ex-Chelsea boss Avram Grant ran for his life

FORMER Chelsea and West Ham manager Avram Grant was spoken of the moment he fled from an inferno which broke out at a block of flats in London today. The 63-year-old was in his seventh-floor apartment on Heritage Lane, West Hampstead, when the fire broke out at around 11.25am. The blaze spread up four stories […]